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[SubstanceDesigner] Setting and function memo

I am going to write down some of the things I set up in the initial configuration of Substancedesigner.
I am going to write down some of the features that I tend to forget or that I looked up once as a reminder.

(SubstanceDesigner version 2020.13)

General settings

language switching


 After changing the setting, it will be changed after restarting the instance designer. 

Display processing time

After clicking the i icon in the graph window
Check the Display Timings checkbox

・The processing time can be displayed in green letters at the bottom of the node.
 The unit is milliseconds (1/1000th of a second).
・Let’s use this number as a reference to deal with processes that take unnecessary calculation time.

OutputSize, due to GPU processing.
 The minimum size is 16 pixels, which is the lowest processing speed.
 If you set it lower than that, it seems to take more processing.

view operation

Save view settings

 You can export and save your settings.


3DView Wireframe display

・In the 3D VIEW window, select Check the Display>Wireflame checkbox.

・This is useful for checking how much tessellation is applied when making height maps.

3DView Background image display

・In the 3D view, go to Environment > Edit > IsVisible and set it to “True.

・This is useful as a guide when rotating the environment by Ctrl+Shift+RMB dragging

3DView Switching between Parallax and Tessellation


Heigt>Scale  Strength of bumps
Heigt>TessellationFactor Increase or decrease the number of mesh divisions
Heigt>ScalarZeroValue Adjusting the intensity of the zero point

2DVIEW Histogram display

Clicking on the graph icon at the bottom of 2DVIEW
 HISTGRAM window will be launched.

Mesh subdivision change during Iray rendering

3DView>Scene>Edit でMesh Display Component
 Subdivision MethodNoneからParametricに変更

・Adjust the values of Minimum length and Number.

Noise reduction during Iray rendering

Progressive Rendering 内のFireflyFilterEnable (ファイアフライホタルフィルター有効)

Added post-effects (Yebis) Add glow and shaft

PostEffectsEnable True

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Output the texture displayed in 2DView

Press the floppy mark icon in 2DView to output the image as a texture.

Save current image as bitmap

Output all textures at once.

Select the tree in the upper left corner and click right > Export Output bitmap.

.sbsar output

With the main package selected, right-click > Publish .sbsar file

Or press the up arrow.
(It seems that you have to save the scene in sbr before you can save the .sbsar.)

Graph manipulation

Apply to transparent mask view

Add a new OUTPUT node and add it from INTEGRATIONATTRIBUTES by pressing the Usage Add Item button.

Select “opacity” from the Usage pull-down menu, and connect the mask map you want to set the transparency to the output node.

The second half of the reboot will enable transparency.

Turn off texture tiling

With the node selected, click the icon next to BASE PARAMETERS in PROPERTIES
Click on the icon next to TilingMode

After changing Relative to Input to Absolute, set Tiling Mode to H and V Tiling No Tiling

Allows you to turn off the tiling of textures.

rerouting node 

Dot node or Alt+LMB

It is used to organize the nodes.

Grouping, adding notes

 After selecting the nodes you want to group, use Space to search for them, and enclose them in flame.

 In the PROPERTIES section of the frame, you can enter a description in the Title section, which will be displayed in a fixed font size even if you pull down the node view.

 If you check the Display comments at a constant size (zoom/unzoom) checkbox, the comments in the comment description will be displayed in a constant font size regardless of the screen zoom.

Angular lines

Select icon above

Sometimes it’s easier to see things this way.

These are the notes of the substance designer.
I hope to add more as needed!

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